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Date: 2013-06-15

On the 14th the morning of, the mayor Qu Fukuda presided over the convene the municipal government-seventh the first 13 times standing meeting to hear administrative licensing, non-permissive examination and approval matters clean-up work, etc. reports on the situation, research discuss the "About Creating and accelerate the build one hundred billion Jiangsu Province salt chemical industry newmaterials High-tech Development Zone, implementation of views "and so on.Municipal Standing Committee, executive vice mayor Wang Zhengxi, vice mayor Ni Hing I, Tang Daolun, ZHAO Hong-the right to, the municipal government leading Party group members of the Xu Zhenxi, the municipal government Secretary-General to Xu Lihua, etc. attended the meeting.Part of the city people's congress, CPPCC members invited to attend the meeting.
The meeting first heard the Municipal Supervision Bureau, the city's soft establish and operate on administrative licensing, non-licensing approval of the project cleanup work report, discussed and agreed in principle to approval clean-up program.Meeting requirements, to in accordance with the according to the law, to streamline, efficient principle, carry out their duties, pay attention to implementation, and constantly to create a relaxed environment for development; want to do a good job publicity and enhancing the tracking the implementation of and supervision and inspection, and strive for enterprises and the masses to provide "without incidentnot faze, responsive, "the quality and efficient services.
Li Grand Canal Cultural promenade construction is the municipal party committee, the municipal government this year's efforts to promote's ten key projects one of the, right highlighting the Huaian "Canal of the Du" Unique charm, to enhance the Huaian urban influence force and the core competitiveness of Du has an important significance.The meeting stressed: a must strengthen organizational leadership.To insist on observing administrative promote and market operation-phase combine, the establishment of li Grand Canal Cultural promenade construction headquarters the Ministry of, the establishment of Group Corporation as a market operator of the subject, the implementation of two lines work together to promote, as soon as possible achieve organizational in place, personnel in place, measures are in place.Two To to expedite the planning the preparation of.Both To invite a international and domestic well-known experts participate in the planning argumentation, but also to fully absorb the Huaian literature and history, water conservancy and other experts's opinions and suggestions, integrate into the Huaian local cultural elements, as soon as possible come up with high-quality planning and design programs.Three To start the Tongda works.To prompt start of the main thoroughfare, bridges and focus of Area construction, as soon as possible opened the construction of large the curtain.
Salt chemical industry is the municipal party committee municipal government give the city the power to create of the four one of pillar industries, is also the our city the only expected to enter the the province's manufacturing industry focus of industrial layout adjustment planning of of the industry.Meeting discussed and approved in principle through the "About Creating and accelerate the build one hundred billion Jiangsu Province salt chemical new materials High-tech Development Zone, the implementation of views."The meeting stressed that all localities and relevant departments should attach great importance, the formation of consensus, put salt chemical industry as a working the top priority of, and earnestly unify the thinking municipal party committee city hall's decision to deploy come up; should be coordinated interests of the, the formation of resultant force, efforts to around the "reunification, tune, calculating, co-"requirement, in the the implementation of" unified management, unified planning, unified construction, "the the same time, maximize the mobilization of parties to actively Xing; necessary to highlight the focus, speed up push forward, focus on doing the expanding area planning and land use adjustment, planningring assessment, factor supply, etc. work; should actively upward strive for, to seek greater support.
Meeting discussed and passed in principle a "Circular on pairs of None Green environmental protection flag is motor vehicle implementation of the restricted access measures solution" can, "Huaian City, municipal financial special fund management approach."