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The city's garbage collection will start a series of measures to shape the city's image

Date: 2013-03-25

This year,thepilot construction ofHuai'anwaste collectionfacilities,waste collectionstartsworking......reporterfrom theMarch 22meeting of thecity'surban managementwork conference thatthis year, the city willtake a series ofmeasures tocreateclean, orderly, beauty, ecology,civilizedimage of the city
It is understood that, in addition tostartgarbagecollection, the citywill implement thecity, "furniture"cleaning project,that is, strengtheningstrongyloidiasis, pavilionroof, platformand other cities"furniture"property unit ofa sense of responsibility,in accordance with the"Who'sWho is responsible forproperty"principle, goodmaintenance and management offacilitiesnecessary to ensurethe normal operationwithout damage,but alsoto achieveclean,nodirty and messyphenomenon.Implementation ofsanitation facilitiesupgrading worksto promotemunicipalfood wastetreatment projects, Lianshuifecesharmless disposal sites,incineratorsandfourcountiesXUYIlivingharmlesswaste treatment facilitiesand other projects;construction, reconstruction21garbage transferstations,78public toilets,set up1000and500trashbins.Accelerate theconstruction ofpublicbicycle service system,strengthenthe quality ofair and water qualityand other environmentalmonitoring, strict control ofwastewater, waste gasand other pollutantsand solidwasteclassification, governanceexcessivenoise pollutionand car exhaust, etc.