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Карта отеля

Карта отеля
Хуайань кайюань знаменитый город (New Century Grand Hotel Huaian Huai'an), гостиница - Эко - сад, роскошный воздух, и очень современная.отель общей площадью 660 акров, общая строительная площадь 50 000 квадратных метров.гостиница 'br' построена китайским предприятием 'хуарон холдингс лимитед'.в отеле есть более чем две сотни роскошных и удобных номеров, каждый из которых хорошо оборудован, изящный и стильный, выдающийся и почетный, это большой интернациональный отель, объединяющий встречи, прием, питание, бизнес, отдых и развлечения.в отеле есть более 1700 мест, Западный ресторан, флигель, банкетный зал и другие стилистические рестораны могут позволить гостям попробовать изысканные блюда, наслаждаться незабываемым опытом обслуживания.в отеле есть два многоцелевых зала площадью около 1000 квадратных метров, конференц - зал и банкетный зал разного размера, общая площадь которых превышает 4000 квадратных метров, оснащенные идеальными современными конференционными помещениями, профессиональный менеджер по обслуживанию и может удовлетворить все потребности различных конференций.отель очень разнообразн, чтобы удовлетворить все ваши потребности.отель расположен в самом центре города и является самым популярным местом для встреч, пресс - релизов, международных Шаронов и других крупных обменов.стремление к индивидуальному обслуживанию позволяет вам наслаждаться путешествием тепло, романтика!
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  • Emilxp
    Very good! good to surprise, bridge is the atmosphere, rooms across the Lake is pretty quiet, walking fish car, very good! compared to the prices really can't imagine, so many hotels, this is the most impressive, performance is the best! really satisfied, praise praise praise!
  • graceymf
    Hotel night in the hotel restaurant eating bugs in the dish restaurant manager agreed to discounted staff does not even agree completely ruined the holiday mood in this hotel this is the problem that management problems will never consider staying at the
  • dyj7308
    Distance zone very close to reception and the rooms are good, self level OK, cost-effective hotel
  • e00151536
    The second time this week, and although the price value is upgraded, but obviously not as good as the first time the room clean ... flies in the room have been flying. shower was dirty? a cold stench. estimated ridden flies from. as found shower not clean very late, had not asked to be moved, in short, very unpleasant.
  • dli904
    That's good
  • dancng
    Environment is very good
  • renmj1973
    Huaian lived here natural landscape with a unique style, rare in the big city. Management service remains unchanged
  • ggs009
    Since it is a 5-star hotel should be 5 star standard requirements; First say good local hotel facilities up to 5-star standard hotel area than larger, we are lake view, the scenery is very good, the Lakers don't, is relatively quiet. Goes on to say that the insufficient place, the location of the hotel, staff training is clearly insufficient, the waiter sees the guest rooms and restaurant did not say hello. relationship may be due to the long holiday, rooms cleanNot clean, bathroom of ground are is long hair, bath Shi found bathroom no to towel, asked front desk, replies to towel with finished. to Chinese Office eat dinner replies people has full, not know when can has vacancy, hotel near no what restaurant, only drove 5 km to hotel outside dinner. breakfast Shi part tableware somewhat with not Shang, milk light has, until eat finished rice also didn't see added. waiter on children of height see of is tight, tight at with guest signed single, slightly antipathy.
  • firesor
    Great hotel, garden-style type, the service is also very good!
  • old yellow
    Hotel was good, a run along the Lake in the morning, after breakfast, comfort
  • dreamybao
    Hotels in hardware can also, buffet dinner, breakfast OK.
  • gong02010
    The service was excellent and service initiative, Super five-star service. new century quality hardware, as well as other basic. will choose.
  • calebjael
    More remote location, swimming pool cannot be used!! whole services can also
  • gyanyunyan
    New century the Italian brand! style, neat, convenient parking, the atmosphere, the environment, services ... ... Is not going out with regret! be!
  • alston2010
    Much better than lianshui derun, lianshui derun price is high, air conditioning at night or open, Kai yuan cheaper, pool, gym, drive to lianshui 20 minutes easy
  • bailey
    When the Spring Festival to the room, is a resort area.
  • AresMin
    Hotel very grand, the price is not expensive, will be the next
  • e03428556
    Pretty good.
  • artemismeng
    Good will come
  • liuwenjian1980
    Rooms are spacious and quiet, nice hotel! eat a simple breakfast early in the morning to swim! on the small lake, little people, really good!
  • E04348018
    Very happy with service attitude is good, breakfast is satisfactory, also offers a special pillow for free, check out can also be extended to 14 points.
  • e03663883
    Hotel is great speed under some distance away from the city will soon be able to find the hotel atmosphere was very satisfied with room service
  • ddavid
    Big love
  • e05399819
    Cost-effective, need a car
  • smile~
    Nice, breakfast was a bit.
  • boyadegugu
    Landscape surrounding the hotel, and I also worked in the new century name in the hotel, to have confidence in the services and facilities of the hotel, and sure enough after moving his family to all areas of hotel were given a high rating!, and the price was really affordable, five-star service is one of Samsung's prices! good will come again next time!
  • d00342488
    Love it! live quite comfortable
  • e00069767
    Surrounding environment and is a problem with the air conditioning, automatic start and stop, sounds great.
  • c_liuy
    Ideal for business travel, environment, perfect facilities, nice!
  • liusuwen989
    Excellent service, very quiet surroundings, suitable for holiday
  • A chubby
    Around environment quiet, out on has a is big of wetland park. parking convenient, hotel facilities new, breakfast good, like Hotel himself mill of coffee, special for since driving. taxi to eat Sun small lobster, fare 15 Yuan. front desk enthusiastic help we called car, is said to have here of dinner self also good, also has buy does, just we time too late, no eat. worth staying.
  • Lisa Maruko
    Very good, a very good environment.
  • lirong1979
    Good, good
  • bearpaul
    Checked in late, didn't pay hewen drink of water
  • simon CL
  • DJ a-winter
  • emoryyuan
    Lovely, secluded spot ... ... New century brand for luster
  • garymerry
    Huaian can live to the hotel is very good, very close to leave the area
  • deralpen
    That's good
  • dajun
    And evaluation of all, very well indeed. Although some partial, but the surrounding environment is very good, very quiet at night, suitable for self-driving. didn't think swimming pools four, 50 people playing, most of whom are parent-child play. Songjiang, a well-deserved reputation, and praise one!
  • dawnlau
    Nice hotel, highly recommended.
  • BM2575
    Location a bit, some distance from the city centre, suitable for driving, playing just a little expensive. Hotel facilities very good, room was very spacious, clean and comfortable. room stuff quite a lot. have refrigerators and safes, umbrellas, hair dryer, bathrobes, Ironing Board, and be readily available. but really nothing to say.
  • strider
    Okay, a little location!
  • may8090387
    Hotel good environment, far away from urban areas
  • alex_forever
    Very good, hotel Huai required
  • e02373568
    Hotel very good value for money good.
  • dilys6
    Please book this hotel for friends a few months ago, feels very good friends, this time passing on purpose to experience one, Strongbow, most notably staff training is in place, excellent service, beautiful hotel, the hotel is a small park, complimentary breakfast variety. location a bit far from the Center, more suitable for driving.
  • necboy
  • frog4141013
    Hotel location is very big and clean
  • cowadge
    Very good