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Huai don box group

18 between different styles of luxury boxes, designed for mingshi, each a comfortable and elegant. Senior chef to serve on the classic austral cuisine, authentic huaiyang dishes, all kinds of seafood treasures and high-grade dishes such as yan bao, you are the ideal place for banquets.
Location: the hotel welcome two or three floor
Business hours:11:00 - 13:00  17:00 - 20:00

Famous brand coffee shop

The combination of Chinese and western buffet breakfast and dinner with zero, western boutiques carnival, enjoy gourmet food.
Location:  Hotel guest floor on the second floor
Business hours: 07:00--21:00

Four JiXuan Chinese restaurant

Elegant, comfortable four JiXuan Chinese restaurant, in addition to providing XinHang cuisines, the cantonese cuisine and upscale top, we also cook for you the unique local flavor dishes, is you and your family and friends to get-together.
Location: Hotel guest floor on the second floor
Business hours: 11:00—14:00   17:00—21:00

Ling Ming garden lobby bar

Alone in a corner of lobby bar, elegant quiet, tweedle flush. Provide Chinese and western drinks, coffee, tea, point of Chinese and western snacks, business casual, pick up.
Location: Hotel guest floor on the third floor
Business hours: 10:00 - 23:00