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Huai'an City, the 'Occupational Disease Prevention Law' campaign

Date: 2013-05-16

This year is the"Occupational Disease PreventionLaw" was promulgated11th Anniversary, but also thenewly revised"Occupational Disease PreventionLaw"second year of implementation.Recently, the cityhealth supervision departmentsto carry outthe main roadsin the urban areasin order to "prevent occupational diseases, happinessten million" as the themeof thesitepublicity and consultation activities.

It is understood thatcampaignstakebanners, distributing promotionalmaterials, on-siteQ & A advisoryand other means.Thefocus on advocacyworkerslegally entitled tothe rights andobligations ofoccupational healthandoccupational disease preventionemployerliability,promote governmentand relevant departmentssupervisory dutiesoccupational disease prevention, occupational healthcaresystem,are legally entitled toworkerssuffering fromoccupationalinjury insurancebenefits.

Active site, the staffpatiently answeredfor visitingconsultantsvariousoccupational disease preventionand relatedrightslegal knowledge,scientific knowledge ofoccupational disease prevention anddistributedhundreds ofpromotional materials,so that the peopleknow how toprotect theiroccupational healthand safeguardtheir rights.